Table 2—

Definitions of asthma control

Long-term asthma management goals (GINA guidelines) 3Definition of successful control used in the present analysis (each week#)
Minimal or no symptoms, including night-time symptomsNo night-time waking due to asthma
Minimal asthma episodes or attacksNo emergency hospital visits
No emergency visits to doctors or hospitalsNo exacerbations
Minimal need for quick-relief β2-agonist therapyNo treatment-related adverse effects causing a change in asthma therapy
No limitations on physical activities and exercisePlus at least two of the following:
Nearly normal lung function No more than 2 days when symptom score is >1
Minimal or no side-effects from medication Rescue bronchodilator used on ≤2 days and total weekly use ≤4 occasions (8 puffs)
 Morning PEF ≥80% predicted
  • PEF: peak expiratory flow

  • % pred: % predicted

  • GINA: Global Initiative for Asthma Guidelines

  • #: Patients were classed as well controlled for the 8-week evaluation period if they had ≥4 weeks evaluable data and were well controlled on every evaluable week, or were well controlled for 6 out of 7, or 7 out of 8 weeks (see text)