Table 4—

Frequency of asthma attacks, symptoms, respiratory infections and use of supplementary β2-agonists and mean values of morning peak expiratory flow and daily variability

Incident episodesPrevalent episodes
Asthma attacks1.01.9
Nocturnal cough3.17.9
Respiratory infections0.40.8
Eye irritation3.69.0
Throat irritation3.710.0
Nose irritation5.217.1
Morning values L·min−1332.3 (87.5)
Daily variability %8.7 (9.2)
  • Data are presented as % or mean±sd

  • Total incidence rate: (total number of incident cases×100)/total number of person-days at risk

  • total prevalence rate: (total number of prevalent cases×100)/total number of person-days