Table 2

Characteristics and main background variables for the outpatient with asthma, after subdividing into the three groups

Group A%Group B%Group C%
Onset of asthmaBefore 12 monthsAfter 12 monthsAfter 24 months
Subjects n127186129
Age yrs5.20±2.336.37±2.95***6.83±3.08***
SPT+ve to Dermatophagoides4132.388***47.365***50.4
Fever episodes n
 0–12 months3.13±2.432.12±2.02***2.01±1.94***
 13–24 months5.08±2.603.86±2.53***3.68±2.55***
 0–24 months8.22±4.355.99±4.06***5.72±4.04***
Day care in the first 12 months1612.8137.197
Atopic dermatitis3225.14222.52821.7
Parental atopy5646.37943.45442.9
  • Group A: wheezing during the first year of life

  • Group B: second year of life

  • Group C: or later

  • SPT: skin-prick test

  • **: p<0.01

  • ***: p<0.001 (compared with group A)