Table 5—

()­Multiple regression model MO for logtransformed cost variable

Parameter valuesd‐tvalue‐pvalue
 – 3140yrs#
 ≥ 41yrs#0.340.093.620.0003
/Access to free asthma care yesno0.470.114.47<0.0001
/Presence of comorbid conditions yesno0.440.094.89<0.0001
()Asthma crisis study period0.350.093.90<0.0001
Moderate asthma severity0.470.104.73<0.0001
High asthma severity0.480.095.55<0.0001
/Moderate asthma control yesno+
(/)Poor asthma control yesno+0.610.125.08<0.0001
  • #– : reference age 1730yrs

  • : reference low degree of asthma severity

  • +: reference good level of asthma control

  • Adjusted R2=<=0.17, p0.0001. n872