Table 1—

Lungs function parameters at rest and exhated nitric oxide measurement

VariablePatients nWeekP-value#
FEV1 % pred
 No steroids1692.3±2.9
MMEF % pred
 No steroids1683.3±7.1
FVC % pred
 No steroids1687.8±2.2
eNO ppb
 No steroids1613.8±2.5
  • Values are presented as mean±sem of n patients

  • #: first repeated measures analysis of variance was calculated over the different time points. If p<0.05, a Newman-Keuls post-tests was used for comparisons within a treatment group

  • **: p<0.01

  • ***: p<0.001 (before treatment to after run-in)

  • : p<0.05 (before treatment to after wash-out)

  • ƒ: p<0.001 (after run-in to after washout) If p>0.05, no further calculations were made. For analysis of differences between both treatment groups (steroids and no sterioids), the unpaired t-test was used: +: ns; §: p<0.05