Table 2—

Medical therapy in invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

DosageResponse %Comments
Amphotericine B
 Desoxycholate1–1.5 mg·Kg−133–54Mortality of 64–90%
Fewer side effects in continuous 24 h infusion
Local instillation possible
Not effective in prophylaxis
 Colloid dispersion3–4 mg·Kg−138–48Less nephrotoxicity, but severe side effects as fever, chills, hypoxia
 Lipid complex4.8 mg·Kg−142–67Less nephrotoxicity, but chills, rigor, fever
 Liposomal1–3 (–6)30–60Less nephrotoxicity
Mg·Kg−1Less breakthrough infections
Reduced aspergillus colonization
 ItraconazoleOral 400–600 mg39–66Side effects: nausea and vomiting
Better resorption as oral solution
i.v. 200 mg48Long term therapy induces resistance
 Voriconazole50–75Visual, hepatic, and dermal side effects
FDA approval pending
 Posaconazole53FDA approval pending
 RacuvonazoleOnly animal studies
 Caspofungin (MK-0991)41–45Preliminary data from clinical trials
 FK 463In clinical trials
 LY-303366In clinical trials
PapulacandinsIn development
Acidic terpenoidsIn development
  • FDA: Food and Drug Administration