Table 1—

Pulmonary involvement in systemic scleromyxedema: literature review

First author [ref. no.]YearPulmonary involvementVentilatory patternDiminished DL,COHistological confirmation
Fudman 5198611No
Gabriel 219886/193 restrictives5/6No
Dinneen 419957/263 restrictive 2 obstructivesNo
Godby 3#19981Restrictive?1Yes
Morales (the present study)20011obstructive1Yes
  • #: Most patients described by Dinneen and Dicken in 1995 4 belong to Gabriel et al. 2 series

  • : Scleromyxedema was associated with a severe pulmonary emphysema

  • DL,CO: carbon monoxide diffusing capacity of the lung