Table 2—

Baseline muscle forces, exercise capacity, and health related quality of life

Resistance trainingEndurance training
PI,max % pred65±1162±22
PE,max % pred76±1474±26
KEPT % pred61±1554±14
HGF % pred83±2081±27
VO2peak % pred47±1854±12
Wpeak % pred38±1446±15
HRpeak % HRmax pred84±891±11
V'E/MVV %101±10104±12
Borg score dyspnoea points8±28±2
Borg score fatigue points7±38±1
6MWD % pred45±1448±18
CRDQ points72±1775±21
  • Data are presented as mean±sd

  • PI,max: maximal inspiratory pressure

  • PE,max: maximal expiratory pressure

  • KEPT: knee extension peak torque

  • HGF: handgrip force

  • VO2peak: peak oxygen uptake

  • Wpeak: peak workload

  • 6MWD: 6-min walking distance

  • Peak heart rate (HRpeak) expressed as % of maximal heart rate (HRmax) predicted

  • Ventilation (V'E) expressed as a % of maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV)

  • Borg scores for dyspnoea and fatigue were taken at Wpeak

  • Total score Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire (CRDQ) expressed in points