Table 2—

Lung lavage analysis for total protein quantification based on a Lowry protein assay, and surface activity of recovered large aggregates (LA) (1 mg·mL−1) as assessed by the pulsating bubble surfactometer after 100 pulsations

control15 LA15 SA30 SA15 LA/15 SA15 LA/30 SA
Protein mg·kg−128.7±4.228.8±2.938.5±7.526.5±4.223.4±3.524.6±3.3
Surface Tension mN·m−1ND2.6±1.4*7.4±1.47.7±1.02.8±0.14.7±0.2
  • Data are presented as mean±sem

  • ND: not determined due to insufficient recovery

  • SA: small aggregates

  • *p<0.05 versus SA groups