Table 1—

Number and per cent of the noninstitutionalized population, by condition status, USA, 1996 (authors' analysis of Medical Expenditures Panel Study)

Condition Statusn (in millions)Total populationPersons with respiratory conditions
All respiratory conditions12.14.5100.0
 Respiratory conditions only2.40.919.8
 Respiratory and other chronic conditions9.73.680.2
All nonrespiratory conditions163.560.8
 One nonrespiratory condition only63.123.5
 Two or more nonrespiratory conditions100.437.3
No chronic/comorbid conditions93.334.7
  • Data are presented as % unless otherwise stated

  • Respiratory conditions included in the rubric are International Classification of Diseases-ninth revision codes 491 (chronic bronchitis), 492 (emphysema), 493 (asthma), 494 (bronchiectasis), 496 (chronic airway obstruction, not elsewhere classified), 500 (coal worker's pneumoconiosis) and 501 (asbestosis)

  • Respondents may have had more than one of the following respiratory conditions: chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma