Table 3—

Mean St George's Respiratory Questionnaire scale scores by demographical and clinical characteristics in the general population weighted sample

Age yrs
 High school or more8.549.263.106.05
 Primary school or no education10.4516.536.0210.20
Social class (occupations)#
 I‐II (professional/intermediate)9.559.462.966.23
 III (skilled nonmanual)7.9210.193.146.27
 IV‐V (manual)10.2915.935.649.79
Smoking behaviour
 Never smoker7.4913.634.167.81
 Former smoker9.5813.195.508.69
 Smoker⩽20 pack-yrs12.9911.583.387.76
 Smoker>20 pack-yrs16.1214.206.5910.76
% FEV1 over pred
 % FEV1≥1005.399.332.335.14
 90⩽ % FEV1<1008.239.172.806.01
 80⩽ % FEV1<909.1213.944.688.47
 % FEV1<8016.2021.149.2714.30
  • M: male

  • F: female

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second. n=862

  • #: social class based on an adaptation of the British Registrar General's Classification 26