Table 1

Five scenarios that illustrate different patterns of change a 4 unit change in the St George's Respiratory Questionnaire Score

Patient no.Scenario
1Attacks of wheeze change from most days a week to a few days a month, no more morning chest tightness, no longer breathless on playing sports and games and now only restricted in one or two activities that she wants to do compared to most things (which was the case previously).
2No more disturbed sleep due to coughing, now able to play tennis and no longer embarrassed by cough and breathing in public.
3No longer takes a long time to wash or dress, can now walk up stairs without stopping and go out for entertainment.
4Things no longer seem to require too much effort, no longer has to stop for rests while doing housework and can now carry things upstairs.
5No longer has to walk more slowly than other people, no longer breathless on getting washed and dressed or on bending over.
  • Patients one and two would be typically young adult asthmatic patients, whereas me scenarios illustrated by patient's three to five would occur in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease