Table 4—

Multiple linear regression analysis for sleep-disordered breathing parameters (one at a time) and catecholamines in urine after adjustment for age, body mass index, duration of hypertension, severity of hypertension and cardiovascular disease

AHIDIMin Sa,O2Average Sa,O2Snoring index
U‐norepinephrine µmol·mol−10.150.18−0.19−0.180.10
U‐normetanephrine µmol·mol−10.23*0.34***−0.29**−0.25**0.08
U‐MHMA mmol·mol−1−0.13−−0.14
U‐metanephrine µmol·mol−10.22*0.27**−0.13−0.080.02
U‐mettyramine µmol·mol−10.020.02−0.10−0.180.18
  • Data are presented as partial regression coefficient (r)

  • AHI: apnoea-hypopnoea index

  • DI: desaturation index

  • Min Sa,O2: minimum arterial oxygen saturation during night

  • Average Sa,O2: average arterial oxygen saturation during night

  • U: urinary

  • MHMA: methoxy-hydroxy-mandelic acid

  • Catecholamines were measured per mol of creatinine

  • *: p<0.05

  • **: p<0.01

  • ***: p<0.001