Table 1—

Relevant parameters in three ventilated infants with respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis before and 24 h after first dose of recombinant human deoxyribonuclease RhDNase

Patient 3Patient 4Patient 5
Gestational age weeks332537
Postconceptional age weeks375439
Radiograph before DNaseAtelectasis RUL, RML, LULAtelectasis RUL, LULAtelectasis RUL
Radiograph after DNaseGeneral improvement of aerationResolution of atelectasis of RULImproved aeration of RUL
Maximum peak inspiratory pressure cmH2O before/after DNase23/2130/2525/24
FI,O2 % before/after DNase60/3580/7040/37
Cardiac beats frequency min−1
before/after DNase168/151150/135155/139
Pa,CO2 kPa
before/after DNase8.5/6.98.1/6.27.9/7.5
Days on ventilator before DNase treatment115
Complicating or predisposingPrematurity,Chronic Lung Disease,Pneumonia
factorsPneumoniaPrematurity, Pneumonia
  • RUL: right upper lobe

  • LUL: left upper lobe

  • RML: right middle lobe

  • FI,O2: imspiratory oxysen fraction

  • Pa,CO2: carbon dioxide tension in arterial blood