Table 1

Commercially-available stents

BrandMaterialShapesSpecific problems/complications
DumonSiliconeStraight, Y, JMigration in benign disease (straight)
OrlowskiSilicone, armoured with metal ringsStraightVery stiff
HoodSiliconeStraight, YDifficult to insert (Y)
GianturcoStainless steel, self-expandableStraightStent fracture, airway perforation, fatal haemoptysis, occlusion by tissue in growth
StreckerTantalum, balloon-expandableStraightStent collapse, occlusion by tissue growth
PalmazStainless steel, balloon-expandableStraightStent collapse, occlusion by tissue growth
WallstentCobalt-based alloy, uncovered, self-expandableStraightGranuloma, and occlusion by tissue growth
Covered WallstentCobalt-based alloy, polyurethane covering, self-expandableStraightGranuloma at stent ends, airway perforation
UltraflexNitinol, self-expandable covered and uncoveredStraightGranuloma formation, stent fracture
PolyflexPolyester wire, silicone covering, self-expandableStraight, Y, JMigration (straight), difficult to insert (Y)
Screw-threadTygonStraightOnly tracheal sizes, mucus retention
DynamicSilicone, metal hoopsYDifficult to insert
MontgomerySiliconeT-tubeDifficult to insert, tracheostomy necessary
  • Manufacturer's details for all brands are as follows: Dumon: Endoxane®, Novatech SA, Grasse, France

  • Orlowski: Rüsch AG, Kernen, Germany

  • Hood : Hood Laboratories, Penibroke, MA, USA

  • Gianturco: Cook, Bjaeverskov, Denmark

  • Strecker: Microvasive Boston Scientific, Natick, MA, USA

  • Palmaz: Corning/Johnson and Johnson, Warren, NJ, USA

  • Wallstent and Covered Wallstent: Microvasive Boston Scientific

  • Ultraflex: Microvasive-Boston Scientific

  • Polyflex: Rüsch AG

  • Screw-thread: Reynders Medical Supply, Lennik, Belgium

  • Dynamic: Rüsch AG

  • Montgomery: Boston Medical Products, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA