Table 1—

Selection criteria for transplantation in cystic fibrosis

 Severe respiratory failure in spite of optimal medical therapy
 Severely impaired quality of life
 Patient positively wants a transplant
Strong contraindications
 Active aspergillus or mycobacterial infection
 Noncompliance with treatment
 Prednisolone therapy>10 mg·day−1
 Other end-organ failure
 Gross malnutrition
 Malignancy within 5 yrs
 Hepatitis B or C
Burkholderia cepacia Genomovar type III
 Significant osteoporosis
 Significant osteoporosis
 Drug or alcohol addiction
Risk factors
 Pre-operative ventilation (intubated)
 Previous thoracic surgery, especially pleurectomy
 Chemical pleurodesis, especially talc
 Severe liver disease
  • HIV: human immunodeficiency virus