Table 4—

Linear regression analysis to predict length of hospital stay in acute asthma

Length of stay daysCoefficientStandard errorP>t
Log neutrophils×106·mL−10.440.37p=0.3
Log eosinophils×106·mL−1−0.310.25p=0.3
Log LDH IU·mL−12.560.6p=0.002
Log ECP ng·mL−11.190.4p=0.02
Log neutrophil elastase0.100.21p=0.6
Age yrs0.030.02p=0.3
Smoking status1.70.86p=0.08
Prednisone use0.850.73p=0.3
Aas severity score 7−0.820.34p=0.04
  • LDH: lactate dehydrogenase

  • IU: international units

  • ECP: eosinophil cationic protein. Probability F=0.004, adjusted R2=0.797