Table 1—

Clinical characteristics

Subjects n1237NA
Male sex3 (25)15 (41)p=0.3
Age yrs37.3±16.140.5±17.9p=0.2
Smokers3 (25)2 (17)p=0.2
Atopy8 (67)21 (57)p=0.4
Aas score 74.1±1.03.9±1.4p=0.2
Maintenance ICS, µg BDP·day−11475±8611606±826p=0.8
Admitted4 (33)10 (83)*p<0.01#
Admitted to ICU02 (17)p=0.2#
Length of stay in days0.7±1.44.7 (5.9)*p=0.02
Acute FEV1 % pred70.4±2445.3±31.7*p=0.04
FEV1 % pred at follow-up86.5±23.170.1±31.2*p=0.04
Maintenance ICS at follow-up, µg BDP·day−11523±8061865±886p=0.5
  • Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd unless otherwise stated

  • ICS: inhaled corticosteroids

  • BDP: beclomethasone dipropionate

  • ICU: intensive care unit

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • NA: not applicable

  • : ICS dose expressed as total daily dose of BDP in µg·day−1, where 1 µg BDP equals 1 µg budesonide and 0.5 µg fluticasone

  • *: p<0.05, significantly different from those with noninfective acute asthma

  • #: analysis using Chi-squared test