Table 4

Risk ratios from Cox proportional hazard models predicting survival in patients with idiopathic interstitial pneumonia

Parameters in modelRisk ratio (95% CI)p-value
Model excluding histological subclassification
 Patient age1.01 (0.97–1.05)0.73
 Female sex0.53 (0.25–1.14)0.11
 Positive smoking history0.43 (0.18–1.01)0.05
 Physiological CRP score1.07 (1.02–1.12)0.009
 Time of onset of symptoms1.04 (0.96–1.14)0.32
 CTfib≥2 in at least one lobe3.35 (1.21–9.25)0.02
Model including histological subclassification
 UIP diagnosis28.46 (5.47–147.98)0.0001
 Patient age0.99 (0.95–1.03)0.55
 Female sex0.31 (0.13–0.72)0.006
 Positive smoking history0.30 (0.13–0.72)0.009
 Physiological CRP score1.06 (1.01–1.11)0.02
 Time of onset of symptoms1.02 (0.93–1.12)0.73
 CTfib≥2 in at least one lobe0.77 (0.29–2.04)0.60
  • CI: confidence interval

  • CRP: clinical, radiographical and physiological [score] 7

  • CTfib: interstitial component of the high-resolution computed tomography (see high-resolution computed tomography section for details)

  • UIP: usual interstitial pneumonia