Table 1—

Ages, indications for bronchoscopy, and bronchoscopic diagnoses

GroupSubjects nAgeIndication for bronchoscopyDiagnosis after bronchoscopy
Non-CF2428±7.35 (2–94) monthsStridor7Bronchitis7
Recurrent pneumonia6Laryngeal oedema4
Persistent wheezing5Laryngomalacia4
Chronic cough3Glossoptosis2
Vocal cord paresis2
Bronchial compression1
CF2141±9.48 (1–143) monthsExacerbation of lung disease, inability to produce sputumBronchitis21
Adult826±4 yrsResearch studyHealthy volunteers
  • Age data are presented as mean±sem (range)

  • CF: cystic fibrosis

  • ALTE: apparent life-threatening event