Table 2—

Baseline effectiveness variables for patients in the per-protocol analysis

FEV1 L2.72±0.672.61±0.71
FVC L3.84±1.013.78±1.15
Morning PEF L·min−1446±131424±117
Evening PEF L·min−1465±123440±122
Total daily symptom score1.57 (0–5.26)1.57 (0–7.0)
Daily use rescue medication, puffs 24 h−11.29 (0–9.0)1.76 (0–16.83)
  • Data are presented as Median (range)

  • For the diary parameters (morning and evening peak expiratory flow (PEF) symptoms, use of rescue medication) the average over the last 7 days prior to start of treatment is being reported. FEV1: Forced expiratory volume in one second

  • FVC: Forced vital capacity