Table 1—

Sweat tests, age at diagnosis, at death and at onset of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) colonization in different genotypes.

Age at diagnosis yrs0.3(0–18)0.25(0–3.6)ns
Sweat sodium mmol·L−183.5±16.587.9±18.8ns
Sweat chloride mmol·L−1105.6±15.2120.0±22.1P<0.05
Age at PA onset yrs7.4±6.68.4±6.6ns
Age at death yrs24.04(18.4–27.1)20.25(8.8–32.6)P<0.05
Current age yrs19.4(2.3–36.6)18.8(2.7–37.3)ns
  • Data are presented as median (range) or mean±sd

  • Thirty subjects were included in each group (ΔF508 and 3905insT; six died from group ΔF508 and 12 died from group 3905insT)

  • ns: nonsignificant