Table 5—

Treatment given and outcome

NHAPCAP age ≥65 yrsAll CAPp-value#
Subjects n40236397
Empirical i.v. antibiotics37 (93)*176 (75)*294 (74)0.03#
i.v. antibiotics days”3.11±32.9±2.23.2±2.6
 Median “i.v. antibiotics days”22.32.7
ICU admission n08200.10
ICU deaths04 (50)4 (20)
Died21 (53)*49 (21)*53 (13)<0.001#
Mean LOS survivors days11.210.89.1
 Median days687
 Geometric mean1.972.11.920.90
  • Data are presented as mean±sd and n (%) unless otherwise stated

  • NHAP: nursing home acquired pneumonia

  • CAP: community acquired pneumonia

  • ICU: intensive care unit

  • LOS: length of stay

  • #: age-adjusted: comparing NHAP with all CAP

  • one “i.v. antibiotics day” is equivalent to 1 day's equivalent i.v. doses, e. g. three doses i.v. cefuroxime, four doses i.v. erythromycln

  • *: statistically significant difference (p <0.05, not age-adjusted)