Table 4

Significant correlations between World Health Organization Quality of Life assessment instrument-100 (WHOQOL) scores of the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patient and population subjective dyspnoea (Bath Breathlessness Scale (BBS)) scores

Overall QOL and general health−0.55−0.56
Physical health −0.38 −0.59 −0.48
 Pain and discomfort0.52
 Energy and fatigue−0.57−0.46−0.54−0.74−0.69
Psychological health −0.45 −0.66 −0.63
 Positive feelings−0.44−0.52−0.55
 Cognitive functions−0.53−0.46−0.52
 Bodily image and appearance−0.43−0.44
 Negative feelings0.56−0.68−0.68
Level of independence −0.45 −0.41
 Activities of daily living−0.49
 Working capacity−0.56
Social relationships −0.42 −0.47
 Personal relationships−0.54−0.56
 Social support−0.40−0.42
 Sexual activity0.45
Environment −0.41 −0.54 −0.72
 Physical safety and security−0.48
 Home environment−0.44−0.52
 Financial resources−0.48−0.56
 Participating in and possibilities for recreaction/leisure−0.43−0.50−0.52
 Physical environment0.46−0.54−0.45−0.74
  • Data presented are correlation coefficients. Bold text represents domains with facets listed underneath; nonsignificant facets have not been included in the table

  • I: BBS physical sensations; II: BBS Affective/evaluative; III: BBS Low energy; IV: BBS Hyperventilation/speechless; Total: total BBS score

  • Thinking, learning, memory, and concentration

  • pollution/noise/traffic/climate. Higher scores on QOL facets and domains indicate better QOL. Exceptions are the facets ‘pain and discomfort’ and ‘negative feelings’

  • p<0.05

  • p<0.01

  • p<0.001