Table 3

Significant correlations between World Health Organization Quality of Life assessment instrument-100 (WHOQOL-100) of the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patient population and forced expiration volume in one second (FEV1), some arterial blood gas analysis results and illness duration

FEV1Arterial oxygen desaturationPO2 at restIllness duration
Overall QOL and general health0.360.41
Physical health
 Pain and discomfort−0.41
Psychological health 0.39
 Positive feelings0.42
 Negative feelings−0.40
Level of independence 0.55
Social relationships 0.38
Environment 0.33
 Ability to acquire new information and skills0.40
 Participating in and possibilities for recreaction/leisure0.34
 Emotional support−0.52
 Understanding support−0.55
 Total social support−0.60
  • All correlations are significant at p<0.05 level

  • Higher scores on quality of life (QOL) facets and domains indicate better QOL

  • Exceptions are the facets ‘pain and discomfort’ and ‘negative feelings’

  • PO2: arterial oxygen tension