Table 2

Quality of life (QOL) World Health Organization Quality of Life assessment instrument-100 (WHOQOL-100) of the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patient population compared to the matched control group

IPF groupControl groupT-value
Overall QOL and general health 13.1±3.0 16.5±2.1 5.98
Physical health 12.7±2.3 15.9±2.2 6.03
 Pain and discomfort11.4±2.98.5±3.1−3.81
 Energy and fatigue10.6±2.915.1±2.96.61
 Sleep and rest14.5±3.516.9±3.43.09
Psychological health 13.8±2.4 15.1±2.0 NS
Level of independence 12.0±2.9 17.2±2.0 8.78
 Activities of daily living12.5±3.617.1±2.06.66
 Dependence on medication or treatments12.0±4.06.0±2.2−7.60
 Working capacity10.6±3.916.7±2.97.56
Environment 15.1±1.8 16.0±1.9 NS
 Ability to acquire new information and skills14.2±2.216.1±2.63.34
 Participating in and possibilities for recreaction/leisure13.6±3.316.1±2.93.53
  • Data are expressed as mean±SD

  • Domains are in bold type and facets belonging to these domains are listed underneath

  • Nonsignificant facets have not been included in the above table

  • Higher scores on QOL facets and domains indicate better QOL

  • Exceptions are the facets ‘pain and discomfort’, ‘negative feelings’, and ‘dependence on medication or treatments’

  • p<0.005

  • p<0.001

  • NS: nonsignificant