Table 1—

Spirometric indices and blood parameters for placebo and glucocorticoid treatments

FVC L4.24±1.294.22±1.34
FEV1 L2.95±1.162.94±1.17
FEF25–75% L·min−1145±92146±90
PEF L·min−1439±114435±147
WCC 109 L−18.3±1.211.2±2.0
Neutrophil count 109 L−15.8±1.59.4±2.0
Eosinophil count 109 L−10.3±0.20.1±0.1
CRP mg·L−19.7±8.07.8±7.6
Serum NO2/NO3 µmol·L−112.4±9.113.0±12.2
  • Data are presented as mean±sd

  • FVC: forced vital capacity

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • FEF25–75%: mean expiratory flow over 25–75% FVC

  • PEF: peak expiratory flow

  • WCC: peripheral blood total white cell count

  • CRP: C-reactive protein

  • NO2/NO3: nitrogen dioxide/nitrous oxide

  • p<0.01 versus placebo treatment