Table 3—

Baseline characteristics of the subjects

Subjects n16
Sex M:F9:7
Age yrs63±11
Weight kg81±18
Height cm170±9
Lung function
FEV1 L1.13±0.48 (37±13)
FVC L3.01±0.92 (77±14)
FEV1/FVC %37±9
TLC L7.50±1.80 (124±22)
FRC L5.71±1.43 (175±38)
RV L4.48±1.35 (210±66)
IC L2.00±0.74
Sa,O2 %95±2
Exercise performance
Peak VO2 l·min−11.13±0.50 (48±15)
Peak power watts76.4±29.0
Peak VE l·min−140.4±21.1 (88±19)
Peak heart rate beats·min−1128±24 (76±14)
Peak ratings (0–10)
Leg discomfort5.3±2.7
  • Values are presented as mean±sd

  • values in parenthesis represent per cent of the predicted value

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • FVC: force vital capacity

  • TLC: total lung capacity

  • FRC: functional residual capacity

  • RV: residual volume

  • IC: inspiratory cppacity

  • Sa,O2: arterial oxygen saturation

  • VO2: oxygen consumption

  • VE: minute ventilation