Table 1

Characteristics of the population included in the study and univariate analysis of variables possibly associated with relapse

VariableTotal populationSuccessRelapsep-value
Subjects n24141907507
Males %74.274.874.10.785
Age yrs67.1±10.366.9±10.168.1±10.20.022
BMI kg·m−227.4±4.127.3±4.027.4±4.20.388
Active smokers %20.119.920.70.207
Exacerbations previous year3.0±2.22.9±2.23.4±2.1<0.0001
Visits to the GP the previous year5.3±4.34.9±3.86.6±5.1<0.0001
Evolution of the disease yrs12.6±8.212.3±8.113.9±8.50.0007
CMH %40.940.044.10.095
Hypertension %34.133.635.70.391
Diabetes mellitus %14.213.515.90.153
Ischaemic heart disease %
 type 149.148.451.80.262
 type 234.635.431.7
 type 319.216.116.5
Dyspnoea %
 degree I40.242.431.9
 degree II32.431.635.5
 degree III14.513.418.5
 degree IV3.82.58.6
  • Data are presented as absolute values or mean±sd

  • BMI: body mass index

  • GP: general practitioner

  • CMM: chronic mucus hypersecretion

  • Exacerbation types and dyspnoea degrees are defined in 9 and 8, respectively