Table 3—

Work rate, O2 uptake, Borg dyspnoea and Borg leg fatigue data at peak exercise of 23 non-flow limited (non-FL) and 29 flow limited (FL) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients.

WRmax W73±549±3<0.001
WRmax % pred56±3534±2<0.001
VO2,max L·min−11.11±0.100.79±0.04<0.001
VO2,max % pred73±347±2<0.001
VO2,max ml·min−1·kg−117±0.912±0.5<0.001
FC,max beats·min−1127±2126±2ns
fC,max % pred77±276±1ns
VO2/fCmax mL8.8±0.66.2±0.3<0.005
VO2/fC,max, % pred81±549±2<0.001
Dysponea Borg7.9±0.48.0±0.3NS
Leg fatigue Borg6.8±0.48.2±0.4<0.05
  • Values are presented as mean±sem

  • WRmax: maximum work rate

  • VO2,max: maximal oxygen uptake

  • fC,max: maximal cardiac frequency

  • VO2/fC,max: maximal oxygen pulse