Table 2—

Histological lesions scores of lungs from normal rats (group A: vehicle+vehicle) and lungs from rats receiving endotracheal bleomycin in the absence (group C) and presence (group D) of a treatment with oral N-acetylcysteine

AnimalsSeverityDistribution#Cells (scale 0–4)OedemaSeverityExtension
n(scale 0–4)MultifocalDiffuseSubpleuralMNL(scale 0–4)(scale 0–4)(scale 0–4)
Group A50±00±00±0
Group C)72.00±0.298643712.86±0.131.29±0.171.29±0.171.14±0.242.29±0.262.86±0.13
Group D111.64±0.248227361.73±0.190.91±0.211.00±0.191.09±0.161.09±0.091.91±0.21
  • Data are presented as mean±sem

  • M: macrophages

  • N: neutrophils

  • L: lymphocytes

  • #: The percentage of animals in which the mentioned pattern of distribution was observed

  • p<0.05 versus Group C