Table 4

Continuing management

Hospital Variation
n (%) IQR %Range %
PEF chart record51(710)28–685–93
FEV1 or PEF recorded71(988)58–8426–93
Inhaler technique assessed20(241/1218)4–260–90
Smoking cessation advice given:
to smokers30(134/445)14–450–75
to exsmokers in last months11(7/64)0–00–50
Pa,O2>7.3 kPa on air at any time33(455)18–480–78
OP follow-up63(797/1272)50–8022–94
Vaccination advice given5(65)0–70–21
Pulmonary rehabilitation recommended3(39)0–30–39
Reversibility to bronchodilator27(378)6–380–86
Steroid reversibility tested7(96)0–110–44
Discharge medication
Inhaled bronchodilator64(899)48–8028–100
Long-acting bronchodilator15(209)5–180–69
Inhaled steroid56(779)45–6814–84
Oral steroid57(803)47–717–80
Home nebuliser38(536)30–480–86
Home oxygen18(254)10–253–40
  • Stated as concentrator in 105 cases and as cylinder in 90

  • PEF: peak expiratory flow

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • Pa,O2: arterial oxygen tension

  • OP: outpatient.