Table 2

Assessments and measurements on admission

Assessment or measurement made on admissionInterhospital variationOverall summary statistics for patients
n (%)IQR %range %MeansdMedianIQRRange
Increased breathlessness96% (1347)93–10083–100Symptom present in 96% (1299)
Increased sputum volume70% (987)52–8512–100Symptom present in 58% (574)
Change in colour of sputum68% (948)53–829–100Symptom present in 53% (502)
Bilateral leg oedema66% (923)52–779–97Present in 38% (348)
Comment on the chest radiograph65% (916)53–780–98Infiltrates reported in 26% (242)
Respiratory rate bpm70% (982)60–8627–1002772622–3010–60
Temperature oC86% (1209)85–9737–10036.70.836.626.2–37.234.0–40.0
Peak flow l·min−146% (648)30–550–884771140100–18510–460
Sa,O2 %75% (1061)65–915–1009189489–9646–100
pH79% (1109)73–9040–1007.390.97.407.36–7.456.89–7.80
Pa,O2 kPa6.212.185.704.81–6.911.56–21.88
Pa,O2 kPa10.315.09.017.50–11.323.30–48.40
  • IQR: interquartile range

  • bpm: beats per minute

  • Sa,O2: arterial oxygen saturation

  • Pa,CO2: arterial carbon dioxide tension

  • Pa,O2: arterial oxygen tension

  • 114 of these the actual value was marked “unrecordable”. Statistical summary is for the 534 with values.