Table 1

Sampling methods, responses rates, and number of farmers by study centre

CountryCentreSampling methodTarget populationRepliedExcludedResponse rate (%)Animal farmers
DenmarkAarhusRegional farm organizationPostal survey; 2 reminders2801200231771.480.6161
GermanySchleswig-HolsteinRegional farm organizationHome visit1247 farms1735 farmers on 834 farms0(66.9)(66.9)161
NiedersachsenRegional farm organizationHome visit21391864087.197.1173
SwitzerlandZurichNational registerPostal survey, 2 reminders154294039061.081.686
SpainBarcelonaa) regional farm association b) farming population of four villagesPostal survey, 1 reminder Phone interview, home visit119295521680.197.833
  • Abs: absolute response rate = replied/total; Adj: adjusted response rate = replied/(total-excluded).