Table 4—

Diagnostic value of symptom combinations in the diagnosis of active asthma

Symptom combinationS%SP%PPV%NPV%J
W and NCT40.997.528.198.60.38
W and RD38.498.74298.50.37
W and ED54.295.723.198.90.5
W and ND37.598.639.398.50.36
W and (RD a/o ND)51.39838.398.80.49
W and (RD a/o ND a/o NCT)56.396.829.498.90.53
W and (RD a/o ND a/o ED a/o NCT)65.294.521.999.10.6
(W a/o NC) and (RD a/o ND)57.895.824.8990.54
(W a/o NC) and (RD a/o ND a/o NCT)63.191.615.2990.55
(W a/o NC) and (RD a/o ND a/o ED a/o NCT)75.184.610.599.30.6
(W a/o NCT) and (RD a/o ND a/o NC)67.989.713.699.20.58
(W a/o NCT) and (RD a/o ND)5895.623.8990.54
(W a/o ND) and NCT46.295.820.798.70.42
(W a/o ND) and RD43.697.932.998.60.41
W a/o 2 nocturnal symptoms8085.911.999.40.66
(NC a/o ND a/o NCT)
  • S: sensitivity; SP: specificity; PPV: positive predictive value; NPV: negative predictive value; J: Youden index.

  • W: any wheezing; NCT: nocturnal chest tightness; RD: rest dyspnoea; ED: exercise dyspnoea; ND: nocturnal dyspnoea; NC: nocturnal cough; a/o: and/or; nocturnal symptoms: NCT, ND or NC.