Table 5—

One-way sensitivity analyses on costs

VariablesRange of valuesTotal costsMean difference
Control meanIntervention mean
Time cost for those employedNOK·h−1
 Base case106.216000105005500
Time cost for those not employed NOK·h−1
 Base case016000105005500
Cost of educational programme NOK
 Base case91616000105005500
 LowTeaching costs16000101005900
 HighTeach costs×216000106005400
Production loss NOK·h−1
 Base case106.216000105005500
Travel costsNOK
 Base caseBus fares16000105005500
 HighBus fares×416200109005300
  • Cost items and differences are rounded off to nearest NOK 100

  • “Base case” is the assumption for the main conclusion. “Low” and “High” means low and high estimates for the assumptions

  • Regarding the patient education programme, the amount paid and reimbursed is exchanged with the cost of teaching when the scale of pay is used as a basis