Table 1– Intraclass correlation and Bland–Altman analysis of absolute values for modified response evaluation criteria in solid tumours (RECIST) and volumetric approach
Reader 1 versus 2Reader 1 versus 3Reader 2 versus 3
Modified RECIST cm
 Intraclass correlation coefficient0.5710.5840.479
 Bland–Altman analysis
  95% CI-0.99–0.19-0.78–0.51-0.38–0.91
  95% limits of agreement-3.53–2.73-3.51–3.24-3.12–3.65
Volumetric approach mL
 Intraclass correlation coefficient0.9950.9980.995
 Bland–Altman analysis
  95% CI-11.7–6.12-8.52–5.39-9.31–9.95
  95% limits of agreement-49–43-34–29-50–50