Table 1

Dietary surveys included into the present ecological study, by selected crieria

ECRHS-centresDietary surveys
CountryECRHS-CentreReference first authorRegion/CitySamplingSex; nAge yrsYear (s) of data collectionDietary assessment method
Spain Barcelona Majem 23CataloniaRandomM: 60218–491991/922×24 h‐recalls
F: 754
Germany Erfurt Brasche 24, Winkler 25ErfurtRandomM: 24420–401991/923 d record
F: 213
Netherlands Geleen and Bergen‐op-Zoom Brants 26, Westenbrink 20Region SouthRandomM: 29722–491987–19882 d record
F: 293
Netherlands Groningen Brants 26, Westenbrink 20Region NorthRandomM: 13322–491987–19882 d record
F: 132
UK Ipswich Cade 27IpswichRandomM: 11935–541984–1985 1 d record
F: 129
France Montpellier Bonifacj 22, M. Gerber (personal communication)Dept of HéraultParticipants in a validation studyM: 26>181992/93 7 d record
F: 64
Sweden Uppsala Nydahl 21UppsalaEmployees of the Swedish telephone company in UppsalaM: 57220–661991–19927 d record
F: 294
  • number and age of the subgroup included into the comparison

  • mean±SD=M: 40.8±10.6, F: 42.2±12.3

  • d: day.