Table 1—

Demographic characteristics and hospital outcomes among 2,344 adult Northern California Kaiser Permanente members hospitalized for asthma

CharacteristicHospital onlyICU admissionp-value
Subjects n2035309
Age years55.5±17.755.3±17.50.90
Female sex1421 (70)206 (67)0.26
White race1394 (69)186 (60)0.004
Hospital length of stay days,3.2±2.77.4±7.0
3.0 (1.0–4.0)5.0 (3.0–9.0)<0.0001
Inpatient mortality17 (0.8)31 (10)<0.001
  • data presented as mean±sd

  • data presented as n (%)

  • data presented as median, 25th–75th interquartile range

  • P-values were determined by the following tests: age was analysed by t-test; sex, race, and mortality by Chi-squared test; length of stay by Wicoxon rank-sum test. ICU: intensive care unit.