Table 3—

Outcomes of the simulated methacholine three-fold dose protocol for separate groups during early protocol steps

Cumulative dose µmolFEV1/FVCbl <0.8 (n=169)FEV1/FVCbl ≥0.8 (n=280)
ΔFEV1 30–40%ΔFEV1 >40%ΔFEV1 30–40%ΔFEV1 >40%
0.0731 (0.6)2 (1.2)ndnd
  • Data are presented as number of subjects (percentage of subjects participating at that dose) at each inhalation step, including intermediate steps (indicated by *). ΔFEV1: the percentage change in forced expiratory volume in one second from baseline; FEV1/FVCbl: baseline ratio of forced expiratory volume to forced vital capacity; nd: not determined.