Baseline characteristics of the study population

Non-Severe disease No mechanical ventilationSevere disease Mechanical Ventilation necessaryp-Value
n=92n=51 (55.4%)n=41 (44.6%)
Inflammation parameters
 Initial CRP (mg·dL−1)7.9±9.04.7±5.212.6±11.3<0.001
 Peak CRP (mg·dL−1)15.4±12.18.5±7.925.6±9.8<0.001
 Initial PCT (ng·mL−1)0.41±0.730.22±0.330.68±1.04<0.001
 Peak PCT (ng·mL−1)4.14±13.72.95±14.25.91±12.9<0.001
 Initial IL-6 (pg·mL−1)189.3±737.875.3±292.4359.9±1095.5<0.001
 Peak IL-6 (pg·mL−1)841.8±2300.5118.9±321.71916.3±3352.2<0.001
 Initial WBCs (G·L−1)10.8±31.66.2±3.09.5±5.0<0.001
 Peak WBCs (G·L−1)18.1±43.28.5±4.021.5±9.7<0.001
Specific medication
 Use of broad spectrum antibiotics#n=58 (63.0%)19 (37.3%)39 (95.1%)0.01
 Use of Azithromycinn=49 (53.3%)20 (39.2%)29 (70.7%)0.14
 Use of antiviral agentsn=9 (9.8%)4 (7.8%)5 (12.2%)0.78
 Use of hydroxchloroquinn=24 (26.1%)8 (15.7%)16 (39.0%)0.09
 Use of prednisolonen=3 (3.3%)3 (7.3%)
 Use of tocilicumabn=4 (4.4%)1 (1.1%)3 (3.3%)0.23

Inflammation parameters and specific medication of subgroups.

CRP: C-reactive protein; PCT: procalcitonin; IL-6: Interleukin 6; WBC: White blood cell count.

#Meropenem or piperacillin and tazobactam.

Lopinavir/ritonavir (n=8) or Tamiflu (n=1).