Summary of recommendations for management of patients with SDB according to epidemiological situation (modified from ref. 5)

StageVisitsSleep testEvaluation for COVID-19
Stage 0: maximum transmission rateTelemedicine
No sleep studies, postpone initiation of treatment
Home Respiratory Polygraphy in high-risk cases
Stage 1: improvement of the pandemic situationTelemedicine
Home Respiratory Polygraphy (protection 1).
CPAP in high-risk patients: automatic or telematic titration
Stage 2: trend towards normalisation of the pandemicTelemedicine
In few cases: face to face
Home Respiratory Polygraphy (protection 1).
PSG (protection 2).
CPAP: automatic or telematic titration (protection 1); demonstration in the lab (protection 2)
Protection 3 if titration in the lab

PROTECTION: 1 FFP2 mask, nitrile gloves, surgical gown (optional glasses or plastic shield).

PROTECTION 2: PSG: the technician has to be comfortable while spending all the night with the patient. PCR is needed. FFP2 mask, surgical gown, hat, gloves and glasses (optional plastic face shield). Street clothes will not be used and the hospital uniform must be changed and cleaned daily.

Protection 3: FFP2/3 mask, nitrile gloves, surgical gown, hat, glasses/plastic face shields). Street clothes will never be used and the work uniform must be changed daily. It is recommended not to use open masks or circuits, but to use a closed circuit with an antiviral filter turning on the equipment only when it is connected to the patient.