Patients achieving a reduction# in the rate of clinically significant exacerbations during the 12-month follow-up period

Total populationPopulation with one exacerbation or more in the pre-mepolizumab treatment period+
≥50–100% reduction247 (67)247 (73)
>0– <50% reduction52 (14)52 (15)
No change/increase66 (18)40 (12)
Missing§1 (<1)1 (<1)

Data are presented as n or n (%). #: based on 365 days prior to enrolment plus any exacerbations starting during run-in; : denominator based on patients with data for historical exacerbations only (n=366); +: denominator based on patients with one historical exacerbation or more only (n=340); patients with zero historical exacerbations were excluded (n=26); §: one patient did not have data during the follow-up period and is therefore not included in any of the categories.