Patient characteristics and parameters trends on PP+HFNT

PatientPatient 1Patient 2Patient 3
Age and sex55 years, male61 years, female61 years, male
Day of illness at OT initiation (SpO2 <92% on room air)753
At PP+HFNT initiationDays of O2 received (cumulative)7122
PF ratio84.816060.6
Time intervalDay of illness131415161718161718891011
Day of PP1234561231234
FIO2 %10040704040404040505060100
Flow L·min−16055605050455551250607070
Respiratory parametersSpO2 %100989293959893899494959490
PF ratio114170771581691651331119149
ROX index4.

PP: prone positioning; HFNT: high flow nasal therapy; OT: oxygen therapy; SpO2: peripheral oxygen saturation; iNO2: intranasal oxygen; VM: Venturi mask; PaO2: arterial oxygen tension; FIO2: inspiratory oxygen fraction; PF ratio: PaO2/FIO2 ratio; ROX index: ratio of SpO2/FIO2 to respiratory rate; Day of illness at OT initiation (SpO2 <92% on room air): total days of symptoms onset before receiving supplemental oxygen (date of receiving supplemental oxygen – date of symptoms onset + one day); Day of illness at PP+HFNT initiation: total days of illness before PP+HFNT (date of PP+HFNT initiated – date of illness onset + one day); Days of O2 received at PP+HFNT initiation (cumulative): duration of patient on supplemental oxygen before PP+HFNT (date of PP+HFNT initiated – date of receiving supplemental oxygen + one day).