Rates and hazard ratios for first serious infection comparing sarcoidosis to the general population in sensitivity analyses

Individuals at riskEventsAdjusted rate per 1000 person-years# (95% CI)Hazard ratio# (95% CI)Adjusted hazard ratio# (95% CI)
Hospitalisation and ≥1 dispensation of an antimicrobial ±15 days from hospital admission
 Sarcoidosis672342714.7 (13.0–16.6)2.82 (2.53–3.14)2.23 (1.96–2.54)
 General population66 44115626.6 (6.3–6.9)1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
Excluding pneumonias from serious infection definition
 Sarcoidosis873769413.1 (11.9–14.4)2.32 (2.14–2.52)1.72 (1.56–1.90)
 General population86 37630887.6 (7.3–7.9)1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
Excluding urinary tract infections from serious infection definition
 Sarcoidosis873786616.8 (15.4–18.3)2.51 (2.33–2.70)1.89 (1.72–2.07)
 General population86 37636008.9 (8.6–9.2)1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
Requiring comparators to have ≥1 healthcare visit in the NPR within 2 years before first visit for sarcoidosis or corresponding date in comparators
 Sarcoidosis, overall873789517.4 (16.0–18.9)1.59 (1.48–1.72)1.23 (1.12–1.35)
 General population42 406270414.2 (13.6–14.7)1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
 Sarcoidosis, treated276232629.8 (25.9–34.3)2.45 (2.15–2.80)2.08 (1.77–2.43)
 General population13 85269614.4 (13.3–15.5)1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
 Sarcoidosis, not treated396127515.7 (13.5–18.3)1.28 (1.12–1.46)1.03 (0.88–1.22)
 General population19 802105415.2 (14.3–16.2)1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
Excluding individuals with a serious infection within a year before first visit for sarcoidosis or corresponding date in comparators
 Sarcoidosis839680216.3 (15.0–17.9)2.30 (2.13–2.49)1.77 (1.61–1.95)
 General population85 67837169.2 (8.9–9.5)1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)
In Karolinska clinical cohort
 Sarcoidosis6934711.1 (7.8–15.9)1.80 (1.32–2.46)1.49 (1.02–2.18)
 General population68672617.4 (6.6–8.4)1.00 (Referent)1.00 (Referent)

Data are presented as n, unless otherwise stated. NPR: National Patient Register. #: adjusted rates and adjusted hazard ratios were estimated using Poisson or Cox regression models weighted for inverse probability of sarcoidosis weights and years of follow-up as the time scale. Hazard ratios obtained from a cohort matched on age, sex and residential location; : ascertained in individuals included starting January 1, 2006 for whom medication dispensations could be obtained from the Prescribed Drug Register.