Univariable regression of associations with quality of life score in the EUROHIS-QOL tool (QOL) separately in controls, patients and contacts

Difference in score (95% CI)p-valueDifference in score (95% CI)p-valueDifference in score (95% CI)p-value
Subjects n27215243141
Age (per decade)−0.64 (−0.94–−0.34)<0.0001−0.39 (−0.54–−0.23)<0.0001−0.39 (−0.47–−0.30)<0.0001
Female−0.45 (−1.4–0.54)0.4−0.90 (−1.4–−0.39)0.001−1.3 (−1.6–−1.0)<0.0001
Incomplete secondary education−2.2 (−3.9–−0.36)0.02−1.73 (−2.4–−1.0)<0.0001−1.5 (−1.9–−1.1)<0.0001
Known HIV seropositivityNC−1.4 (−2.6–−0.21)0.02−2.9 (−5.1–−0.62)0.01
Self-declared drug use0.11 (−2.5–2.7)0.9−2.2 (−2.9–−1.4)<0.0001−0.44 (−1.4–0.49)0.4
Low affect (BDI-II score)−0.26 (−0.43–−0.09)0.003−0.31 (−0.35–−0.28)<0.0001NA
Number of emotional supports0.42 (0.003–0.84)0.050.60 (0.38–0.83)<0.0001NA
Unsafe neighbourhood−1.0 (−2.1–0.01)0.05−1.5 (−2.1–−1.0)<0.0001NA
 Currently has TBNCNC−1.6 (−2.6–−0.55)0.003
 Previously had TB2.2 (−5.5–1.2)0.2−1.6 (−2.2–−1.1)<0.0001−0.45 (−0.95–0.04)0.07
 TB knowledgeNA0.02 (0.004–0.04)0.02NA
 Stigma regarding TB (EMIC score)NA−0.10 (−0.13–−0.08)<0.0001NA
 Pulmonary TB diseaseNA−0.54 (−1.3–0.19)0.2NA
 Second-line treatmentNA−0.93 (−1.9–0.06)0.07NA
 Microbiological confirmation of TBNA−0.77 (−1.3–−0.23)0.005NA
 Number of TB symptomsNA−0.41 (−0.52–−0.31)<0.0001NA
 Duration of TB symptomsNA−0.11 (−0.17–−0.05)0.001NA
 Days of TB treatmentNA0.012 (0.005–0.02)0.001NA
 Patient QOL scoreNANA0.18 (0.14–0.21)<0.0001
 Carer role to patientNANA−1.5 (−1.8–−1.2)<0.0001

Data are presented as n or mean±sd unless otherwise stated. Bold type indicates p<0.05. BDI: Beck Depression Inventory; TB: tuberculosis; EMIC: Explanatory Model Interview Catalogue Stigma Questionnaire; NC: not calculated as either no-one or everyone had the characteristic (see table 1); NA: not asked.