Management of asthmatic patients with COVID-19

Oxygen30 (81)
Antibiotic(s)31 (84)
 Azithromycin16 (52)
IV or oral CS for asthma exacerbation during hospitalisation1 (3)
SABA prescription31/36 (86)
 pMDI+spacer chamber29/31 (94)
 DPI2/31 (6)
 Nebulized4/31 (13)
Asthma controller treatment adjustment
 Maintenance33/35 (94)
 Stepped-up1/35 (3)

Quantitative data are expressed as median (IQR). IQR is presented as first quartile (Q1) – third quartile (Q3). Qualitative data are expressed as number of occurrences, n (% of total). In case of variable with missing data, the number of patients with available information is specified.