Physiological variables and modified Wood clinical asthma score (m-WCAS) at 1 h and after 6 and 12 h after randomisation according to group

HFNCControlMean difference (95% CI)p-value
Subjects n133135
1 h
fR breaths·min−146±1350±13−4. (−7.5–−0.9)0.01
 HR bpm151±18151±160.3 (−3.9–4.6)ns
SpO2 %97±297±30.02 (−0.6–0.7)ns
FiO2# or oxygen flow rate25±5%0.5±0.4 L·min−1NA
 m-WCAS change−0.098±0.22−0.036±0.23−0.06 (−0.12–−0.004)<0.01
 Apnoea events11ND
6 h
fR breaths·min−145±1349±15−3.6 (−7.2–0.004)0.05
 HR bpm152±17151±181.2 (−3.1–5.6)ns
SpO2 %97±297±2−0.04 (−0.6–0 .5)ns
PtCO2 mmHg44 ±748±10−3.6 (−8.5–1.2)ns
FiO2# or oxygen flow rate26±6%0.5±0.3 L·min−1NA
 m-WCAS change−0.16±0.350.11±0.31−0.05 (−0.1–0.03)ns
 Apnoea events00ND
12 h
fR breaths·min−142±1347±14−4.8 (−8.3–−1.2)0.01
 HR bpm146±18145±181.5 (−3.1–6.1)ns
SpO2 %97±297±2−0.3 (−0.9–0.2)ns
FiO2# or oxygen flow rate25±5%0.5±0.4 L·min−1NA
 m-WCAS change−0.23±0.31−0.15±0.38−0.07 (−0.1–0.02)ns

Data are presented as n, mean±sd or n (%), unless otherwise stated. HFNC: high-flow nasal cannula; fR: respiratory frequency; HR: heart rate; SpO2: pulse oximetry-measured oxygen saturation; FiO2: inspiratory oxygen fraction; PtCO2: transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension; ns: nonsignificant; NA: not applicable; ND: not determined. #: HFNC group; : control group.