Selection of recent mortality studies amongst hospitalised decedents

StudyKey findings and conclusions
Ford et al. [35] (2016)
  • Systematic review and meta-analysis assessing the proportion of in-hospital deaths in people living with HIV

  • 18% of deaths were due to tuberculosis (TB) (11% of deaths in paediatric hospitalisations)

  • Important missed opportunities to link TB detection to HIV care in hospitals, as well as ART provision, are highlighted

Bates et al. [36] (2015)
  • 62% of inpatients at a tertiary hospital in Lusaka, Zambia had TB as a cause of death, a quarter of which were undiagnosed at admission

  • 85% of TB decedents were HIV-positive

  • Common TB comorbidities were pyogenic pneumonia (33%) and anaemia (19%)

  • Use of a rigorous TB reference standard (including Xpert) during autopsies showed diagnoses at admission were often not accurate

Saavedra et al. [37] (2016)
  • Review of medical records to identify causes of death amongst HIV-positive inpatients at a tertiary hospital in Ghana

  • 35% of deaths were due to TB (other frequent causes were cerebral toxoplasmosis and pneumonia)

  • TB was the only factor associated with early death

  • Many patients were not initiated on ART at admission; early ART initiation will likely reduce TB mortality in hospitals