Original and simplified Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index

ParameterOriginal version [226]Simplified version [229]
AgeAge in years1 point (if age >80 years)
Male sex+10 points
Cancer+30 points1 point
Chronic heart failure+10 points1 point
Chronic pulmonary disease+10 points
Pulse rate ≥110b.p.m.+20 points1 point
Systolic BP <100mmHg+30 points1 point
Respiratory rate >30 breaths per min+20 points
Temperature <36°C+20 points
Altered mental status+60 points
Arterial oxyhaemoglobin saturation <90%+20 points1 point
Risk strataaClass I: ≤65 points
very low 30 day mortality risk (0–1.6%)
Class II: 66–85 points
low mortality risk (1.7–3.5%)
0 points
30 day mortality risk 1.0%
(95% CI 0.0–2.1%)
Class III: 86–105 points
moderate mortality risk (3.2–7.1%)
Class IV: 106–125 points
high mortality risk (4.0–11.4%)
Class V: >125 points
very high mortality risk (10.0–24.5%)
≥1 point(s)
30 day mortality risk 10.9%
(95% CI 8.5–13.2%)

BP: blood pressure; b.p.m.: beats per minute; CI: confidence interval. aBased on the sum of points.